Thursday 2 May 2013

The Big Review (31) Georgia

Georgia knows how to put on a good Eurovision party. Indeed their 2010 effort was more impressive than the official Welcome Reception! Georgia is an EU-aspirant country, pro-actively tackling corruption and keen to make a mark on the world stage. Participation in Eurovision is very much part of this process of projecting a positive international image. The chance to win and stage Eurovision are serious opportunities for some countries and that's very true when it comes to Georgia. Last year the delegation spoke candidly about Eurovision and the platform it affords them. To put it crudely, they're out to win. This is perhaps their best ever chance. "Waterfall", written by the winning Swedish team behind Loreen's "Euphoria", is a dramatic and moody ballad which of course, features the obligatory key change. It's old-fashioned but it's performed incredibly well and I can see this going far. I'd be absolutely delighted for Georgia to win, not only do I stand to win a lot of money with the bookies, it will also provide the perfect opportunity to visit an interesting country with a rich cultural history. If they go for a ballad, this could well be it.

Qualifying: Yes

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