Thursday 2 May 2013

The Big Review (39) United Kingdom

Last but certainly not least, it's my own country, the United Kingdom. Last time Eurovision was in Malmo, the UK team were greeted with a banner which read "Welcome Untied Kingdom". With a referendum on Scottish independence looming, that statement could still stand! After taking a gamble last year with Engelbert Humperdinck, the BBC have chosen another seasoned performer to represent them in Eurovision, Bonnie Tyler. Bonnie is of course a well-known act with massive hits under her belt. Those hits were nearly thirty years ago though. "Believe In Me" is a nice song, I like it a lot and it will certainly do better then "Love Will Set You Free" (it can't do much worse!) I just don't know if this is instant or impactful enough to capture those important votes. In a funny twist of fate, by entering Eurovision, Bonnie follows in the footsteps of Nicki French, who had a big hit with "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and represented the UK in 2000. I'd like to see the UK on the left-hand side of the scoreboard. If "Believe in Me" makes the top ten I'll be surprised (and of course delighted!) If Bonnie flops then I think it's time the BBC had a re-think about what they're going to do in 2014 and also ask themselves what it is that they actually want from the contest. Loreen proved last year that the Eurovision tag is not a barrier to having an international hit (#3 in the UK!) and perhaps we should try and send something a little more relevant to the UK music scene in future. Still, "Believe in Me" is a nice song and I wish Bonnie well. She comes across as a nice lady in interviews and given that I live in Cardiff, it's nice to have a Welsh act representing the UK. Go Bonnie!

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