Wednesday 29 January 2014

"It's not a sprint, it's a marathon!"

Those were the wise words used by Ingvild Bryn to describe the voting at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest. As some of you know, I ran the London Marathon last year for a small charity called Leukaemia Care. I am so grateful for all the support, encouragement and sponsorship I received - I raised nearly £4000. It was an amazing experience and I went on to complete the race in 3 hrs 38 mins, 24 seconds. I was unsuccessful in the public ballot for 2014 however last week I was offered a place running for Leukaemia Care once again. I was thrilled and gratefully accepted.

This year will be a very special race for me since I'll be running in memory of my aunt who sadly died in September last year. She was a very brave lady and faced the severity of her prognosis with such stoicism and dignity. Whilst this year I don't have any set targets for raising money, I would like to raise at least £500 for Leukaemia Care, a small charity which does a great deal of good work. Last year my aunt was there to cheer me on at the finish line, and whilst obviously things will be different this year, I'd like to think that by running again in 2014 I'd be doing her proud.

I've started my training, it's going well so far but marathons take commitment and determination. Please spare whatever you can to help me reach my target. 50p? £1? It's so true that every little really does help. I've set up a JustGiving page, it's really simple and easy to use.

Thank you for reading

Paul x

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