Monday 12 May 2014

The party's over now...

Wow! What a result. Austria's win at Eurovision was truly remarkable and huge congratulations Conchita Wurst. The victory is good on so many levels and as the singer said when she received her trophy, it was a triumph for freedom. Things didn't go too well for the UK but I don't think we should be too downhearted, it was a close contest and ultimately, if you look at the points, we weren't all that far away from the top ten. Well done to Molly.

The top three were all western countries. Austria stropped off from the contest a few years ago and yet here they are, proving that western countries with few voting allies, can win this contest. The Netherlands came second in another stunning reversal of fortunes. For the first time ever, Azerbaijan failed to make the top 10 - in a year where there was much more transparent voting. Note that Azerbaijan's jurors and public unsurprisingly put Armenia in last position despite it being one of the favourites. Politics in the Eurovision Song Contest?

I'll write a more comprehensive account next week, once I've had the chance to properly review the contest. For now, it's time to finish my final media interviews and catch up on some much-needed sleep!!

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