Friday 12 April 2013

The Big Review (2) Estonia

Eestimaa - perhaps my favourite country in Eurovision or indeed the world (after Scotland of course!) I love most of Estonia's entries in Eurovision. Since the launch of Eesti Laul in 2009 their fortunes in the contest have really turned around having qualified for 3 out of 4 contests. Eesti Laul is fresh, alternative and even daring. The big story this year was that of Winny Puuh. I really wanted them to win because it was just so off-the-wall and downright weird. Instead Estonia have opted to play it safe with a female ballad. As if we don't have enough of those this year! Still, this is a very nice song and Birgit is a very strong performer and an established name in her home country. I just can't help feeling that Estonia would have done better with something a little more edgy. I really hope they qualify and of course I'll be there with my Estonian flag as usual. Elagu Eesti!

Qualifying: Yes (although borderline)

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