Tuesday 30 April 2013

The Big Review (25) Greece

Despite the desperate economic situation in Greece, they continue to enter Eurovision. The Greek model for participating in Eurovision is an interesting one, they've managed to secure private funds and sponsorship so that the Greek flag flies proudly on the Eurovision stage. Absence from the contest would arguably consolidate the image of Greece as a poor relative in the EU family. Greece, like Azerbaijan, know how to "do" Eurovision and have never missed a final since the current semi-final format was introduced. Their fate has arguably been boosted by a strong diaspora vote as well. However, credit to the Greeks, they've put their big stars in with catchy songs and been rewarded. "Alcohol Is Free" is their song for 2013. Interesting title at a time when Greece continue to face austerity and the rest of Europe is considering introducing a minimum price for alcohol. This is a fun, catchy song and I'm sure that after paying the Swedish prices for booze, many will be wishing that alcohol was indeed free! I think this will do very well, certainly a top ten placing in the final and perhaps even better... The question is, will Aunty Angela allow them to host Eurovision should they win? Oh and the boys in the kilts get my vote!

Qualifying: Yes

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