Wednesday 17 April 2013

The Big Review (11) Belarus

This is what this semi final was needing - a bit of oompf! "Solayoh" might not be the best in terms of lyrics but it's catchy and Alyona attacks this and sells it really well. What's not to like? Topless (male) dancers, writhing, bum shaking; Belarus do trash like nobody else! Of course, this wasn't the original choice for Belarus, in typical fashion the song was switched. You might expect nothing less from "Europe's last dictatorship" - they need to keep the Dear Leader happy! Apparently Mr President takes an interest in Eurovision and Belarus' entries. I dare say that if the contest ever heads to Minsk, he'll be there waving a flag in the audience! In what is quite a subdued semi-final this really stands out. I can see this easily qualifying and may give the Belarussians their best result to date.

Qualifying: Yes

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