Friday 12 April 2013

The Big Review (3) Slovenia

Slovenia haven't got the most distinguished record when it comes to the former Yugoslav countries in Eurovision. Last year they were widely tipped to qualify and yet failed and they have only qualified to the final twice since 2004. This year they've gone uptempo and in a year of ballads this should stand out, yet, somehow for m`e, it just misses out. As the verse builds there's the anticipation of a strong chorus which never really appears. Of course it depends on the staging but as it stands this sounds rather dated and desperate. I can't see the juries going for this unless the vocals are spot-on. Slovenia was always seen as the more western part of Yugoslavia, outside Tito's bubble and this has been reflected in the voting too with Slovenia missing out on those neighbourly votes. I can't see this qualifying although stranger things have happened...

Qualifying: No

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