Tuesday 16 April 2013

The Big Review (8) Netherlands

Netherlands have a bit of a depressing history when it comes to modern Eurovision. The country that used to dominate in the early days have missed every single final since 2004. Last year they were widely tipped to qualify only to narrowly miss out on a place amongst the 26 finalists. This year they've chosen the popular rock chick Anouk in the hope that she'll be able to reverse their fortunes. "Birds" is a haunting, highly original piece of music. It reminds me of something from the 1940s, it's daring and a brave choice. Clearly more conventional pop songs haven't worked for them so they're going a bit left-field this year. It might just work. I think this will get a big jury vote and even though the public might not go for it, this might just sneak through. I hope they do, it'll be good to see them back in the final after a long absence. Netherlands are one of the favourites to win the entire contest. I can't see that happening, I can see them having something to celebrate this year though. Fingers crossed for Nederland!

Qualifying: Yes (just!)

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