Monday 29 April 2013

The Big Review (18) San Marino

She's back! When it was announced that Valentina Monetta was representing San Marino again there was speculation as to which social network she would pay homage to. My money was on Grindr! The rumours that Lys Assia was flying the flag for the small country proved to be wrong. This song couldn't be further from "The Social Network Song" from 2012. "Crisalide" is a belting ballad which builds for two minutes and then goes all up-tempo towards the end. Initially I thought it took away from the power of the song but having seen it live, it seems to work well. Valentina can really sing, and perform. This surely San Marino's best chance to qualify to the final. Of course Mr Siegel is still involved but this time, he's forgiven.

Qualifying: Yes

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